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Updated materials:

Might & Magic 7: Hybrid Assets Thingie
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
Tuesday, 18 June 2019 17:53


Might & Magic VII: Hybrid Assets Thingie


MM7 Hybrid Assets Thingie (Image Logo)


"Hybrid Assets Thingie" - the second bold work from Echo, which gave us a beautiful mod Monstrosity Modling for  Might and Magic 8. What can we expect from the author, who managed to paint Jadam in new bright colors? Of course, interesting graphical changes, beautiful characters, wonderful things and their palette for Erathia. In this mod, all this is. Djinn, Angel, purplehair Elf as new heroes, lots of unusual weapons, absolutely new alchemical ingredients, elegant rings and amulets, about 95% of new NPC images, and the world itself has been thoroughly "restored" - rate at least white-stone Castle Gryphonheart and lush Tularean Forest! Also completely redrawn the interface and boot screens. It is nice to stare at them.
Surprisingly, but no rebalance, no super-strong opponents - it's all the same Might and Magic 7, which is played with new paints. And experienced mod lovers will appreciate full compatibility with the modmaking masterpieces - Rev4 and Maestro Mod.

Last Updated on Friday, 21 June 2019 08:52
Might & Magic 6: Chiyolate Mod
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
Friday, 01 March 2019 22:37


Might & Magic VI: Chiyolate Mod




This Might and Magic 6 Mod is for much more enjoyable and balanced gameplay.
Expect to finish this game at Lv.300+ and maxed out some skills!
Go blast high powered monsters with any party combination you choose.
All melee party are now as fun as all spell party!
Conveniently find skill teachers, potion recipes, and pedestal info with just a right click!
Item drops and enchantments are also adjusted for more fun and balanced gameplay!

Last Updated on Sunday, 03 March 2019 16:33
Might & Magic 8: Alchemy Mod v2.5
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
Friday, 25 January 2019 02:28


Might & Magic VIII: Alchemy Mod v2.5




Alchemy Mod 2.5 by koval321 - an interesting mod for those who don't want to drastically change the world of their favorite game, but at the same time craves to see something new. Nowadays, the Mod has significantly more innovations, in addition to alchemy stated in the title. There is a new armor, shields, chain mail, helmets, belts, staffs - great things for redrawing characters. Yes, in this Mod, knights flaunt brutal tattoos, trolls - red-haired giants, dark elfs resemble a drow, and all the girls begin their journey naked. In addition to this - wonderful loading screen, and as a result you get an entertaining Mod that adds its share of charm Might and Magic 8.

Last Updated on Friday, 26 July 2019 17:40
Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss 1.5.4
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
Wednesday, 02 January 2019 00:00


Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss (HotA)

Version 1.5.4 from 27.12.2018



Changelog 1.5.4 RUS only (TXT-Doc, 12 Kb)
Release 1.5.4 mainly consists of correcting the mistakes of the original HoMM3 game and the mistakes of the HotA.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 January 2019 16:29
Might & Magic 6: The Chaos Conspiracy (russian version)
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
Monday, 31 December 2018 16:52

Happy New Year! Wink
Ready Russian version of the mod Might & Magic 6: The Chaos Conspiracy.

Last Updated on Monday, 31 December 2018 17:07
Might & Magic 6: Suicide Squad (version 0.36)
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
Saturday, 22 December 2018 19:25


Might & Magic VI: Suicide Squad




This mod make 302 changes in game.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 December 2018 05:58
Might & Magic 8: Monstrosity Modling v1.0 by Echo
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
Thursday, 30 August 2018 17:18


Echo's Might and Magic VIII: Monstrosity Modling v1.0



This mod increases the difficulty of the Might & Magic 8 game, in some places by a lot. Only use if that's your thing, no need to bite innocent cables Money mouth.
Once you were here, you do not recognize Jadam. Absolutely new textures, most fully revealing the essence of the region, new sky, lands, ponds and lava flows. In this case, to save the fantastically transformed world, full of serious opponents, will be new heroes with an updated system of skills and abilities. Their arsenal is replenished with a new weapon - сrush your enemies with hits whirlwind of the Blade Staff, do not admit opponents with magic Sources and protect yourself by Ioun Stones. New characters are waiting for a new mission - did you hear that the Druid Circlet of Power was long lost? .. Under the Echos "brushes", the world has become more beautiful, and importantly more alive, and this is the main advantage of the Monstrosity Modling mod.

Last Updated on Sunday, 18 November 2018 18:50
Might & Magic 6: XMAS16 mod
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
Thursday, 09 August 2018 19:13


With permission of the author mg979 we publish here his mod (original post on for Might & Magic VI.
Perfect stuff graphics and NPCs, new ranged weapons, new sounds, higher difficulty, which will affect not only the health of enemies, new cursor, changed skills system - all this is waiting for you in XMAS16 mod v1.5, where the cherry on the cake will be an armor rebalance. At the same time, the imbalance doesn't consist in a stupid increase in the armor class on all objects, This is a new and interesting system of leather, chain mail and armor equipment. And it is not the name that distinguishes it! For more information, see for yourself, the archive has a complete list of all the changes, and those who prefer the armor prefer its performance, can check the imbalance in the Excel document with the active content.
So, in general - the mod is beautiful, and it is beautiful that all its innovations will not spoil the charm of MM6, and a comfy installation, a small size of the archive, in which large content is included, the variability of innovations will allow you to re-enjoy your favorite game!

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 August 2018 17:05
MMGames YouTube Channel
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 03:57


Welcome to YouTube Channel !

For now reuploading / restoration / processing old videos from broken Vladimir "Maestro" Channel
In the future, all the latest videos will be released there Wink

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 February 2019 18:12
Update - Heroes 3: Master of Puppets (3.07)
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
Monday, 12 December 2016 18:30


Long-expected (after over three years deep frozen works) updates.

Changes with previous versions, short:

  1. nearly full dual language of the game (english/russian) and map editor
  2. 16 new creatures
  3. 17 new artefacts
  4. 2 new town relics
  5. 3 new creatures storage
  6. 1 new spell
  7. 1 new overhead landscape
  8. gameplay changes
  9. new options
  10. next interface upgrades
  11. some graphics upgrades
  12. previous version bugfixes, and WoG with SoD bugs.

New installation files available at the mod page

Last Updated on Monday, 09 April 2018 15:12

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