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Might & Magic 6: Chiyolate Mod
Written by Evgeny Voronov   


Might & Magic VI: Chiyolate Mod




This Might and Magic 6 Mod is for much more enjoyable and balanced gameplay.
Expect to finish this game at Lv.300+ and maxed out some skills!
Go blast high powered monsters with any party combination you choose.
All melee party are now as fun as all spell party!
Conveniently find skill teachers, potion recipes, and pedestal info with just a right click!
Item drops and enchantments are also adjusted for more fun and balanced gameplay!



  1. Install Might & Magic VI normally (can also be bought from
  2. Apply the latest GrayFace MM6 Patch or use the supplied one here (MM6 Patch v2.0.exe)
  3. Copy "Chiyolate.icons.lod" to "data" directory in the Might & Magic 6 game folder.
  4. Start New Game and enjoy!
  5. Optional: To enable WASD and mouse look, extract the "Not Required (Extract Into Game Folder).zip" into Might & Magic 6 game folder

 Note: AlwaysRun=1 setting in MM6.ini makes your characters attack very slowly, this is because the game treats you like you are attacking while running.
To fix this, change it to AlwaysRun=0, and use SHIFT instead for running.


Chiyolate Mod english version (2,76 Mb - "zip" archive)

Chiyolate Mod russian version (2.77 Мb - "zip" archive, thanks for translation to Michael Titov)





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