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Might and Magic Complete Addons Maestro Mod + Rev4mod FAQ (information)
FAQ - Maestro MOD + Rev4mod
Written by Maestro   


This FAQ will help you to find out bigger part of troubles that you might face inside this MODs. FAQ cannot be used with original  MM7!


Q: I've found very strong equips on Emerald Isles - is it normal?
A: Yes it is. This items should be there.


Q: Cannot find all quest items for the hunt on Emerald Isle.
A: Some items changed their ordinary positions. Try to scout the island more carefully.


Q: Cannot enter Dragon Cave.
A: This location now "quested". You will need a "ring of unwarding" and only with it you can enter that cave now.


Q: Count Zero - what to do?
A: It is non quest charecter. He didn't give you any quests just leave him.


Q: Is it possible to return to Emerald Island and how to do it?
A: Yes, it is possible! The key to the island will be presented to you party after you will rescue dwarves in Red Mines. To be able to warp to the Island - give a key to 1st char, go to Braccada and go into the teleporter, next to the stables.


Q: Where is the bow expert and archer promoter?
A: His home is on Emerald Islands but hard to find. Maybe you should run around forges and weapon shops.


Q: Harmondale Castle is cleaned but there still are some creatures that I cannot reach.
A: There are 2nd floor of the castle where last portion of monsters lives. To access there you should explore castle more carefully, maybe some torches will give you a clue.


Q: Why promoters do not give me a quests?
A: There are some changes. Whole Enroth goes in celebration and only after it over you can promote.


Q: Is there a Dark Path allowed?
A: No, Dark Path is non playeble. But you still could became a Lich in maestro MOD.


Q: Dual class system, how it is works?
A: If you will be able to find a Coding Wizard BDJ - you will be granted ability to swap you class. All balance will be changed but you already learned skills. So you will could learn new skills but cannot advance in old ones - so pay attension to Grand every possible skills before you go for BDJ.


List of dual-classes:
- Archer
- Paladin
- Priest
- Druid
- Sorcerer
- Archer
- Paladin
- Monk
- Druid
- Archer
- Paladin
- Sorcerer
- Archer
- Ranger
- Druid
- Thief
- Paladin
- Archer
- Druid
- Ranger
- Archer
- Archer
- Paladin
- Thief
- Archer
- Knight
- Monk


Q: What is the strange Teleportation Hub in Harmondale?
A: Teleportation hube. New teleportation system to places that not listed in Town Portal. You will need a special key to use it To obtain a keys - solve Courier Guild quests in Erathia.


Q: Two pedistals in Erathis next to Town Hall - what are they for?
A: They are teleporters. To activate them you need to but a scroll in the nearest tavern. One will warp to to Harmondale, another - to Tularean Forest.


Q: Is there an Arcomage game?
A: Yes, it is. You will meet strange-looking NPC in Tularean Forest. He will give you a cards and a quest.


Q: How to promote classes?
A: You should complete all quests in Courier guild in Erathis.


Q: What are the quests of Courier Guild?
A: Guild will give you 4 quests and 5th will be a bonus quest. For completing a quest you will be granted with a gold and a key to that location where quest took a part. Quests are simple and not so hard. You should deliver something. After completing 4 quests Celebration will be over and all promoters will br able to promote you. 5th bonus quest is a little bit hard - it will require you to find a key on Evenmorn Isles.


Q: What is that angel for inside Harmondale?
A: This is Divine Messanger, he promotes Crusaders.


Q: Why Town portal spell do not work?
A: To make spell work you should promote into Archmage and obtain  "Book of Unmaking". Quest for Archmage promotion is the most hardest quests in the game - do not start it after golem! If you couldn't solve a quest in short time - quest will be ruined and you cannot became Archmage forever and Town Portal will never work again.


Q: Elemental magic masteries?
A: Elemental masters will not advance you in master skills - instead they will give you a quest. In each quest you will be granted access to ceration locations to find an elemental ring. After that master will teach you.


Q: Maestro.
A: New NPC and quests in Maestro MOD. He will grant you 2 quests. First - to kill gragon king and queen and bring back 2 books from them.  Bought books will not work for Maestro + do not try to learn that spells. Maestro will grant you and present his own book. Knowledges in that book are extreamly rare so read this book could only heroes with ancient knowledge. 2nd task will give you possibility to learn Grand Dark Magic but first you should became a Lich. The quest is the same - pass Walls of the Mists and retrieve Soul Jars. You can solve it inside invisibility spell or kill 3 Guardian Angels. After that you could became a Lich and learn Grand Dark Magic.


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