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News Announcement of MM8 MOD development
Announcement of MM8 MOD development
Written by Maestro   

21.06.2011 - the date of official announce of modification of MM8 game. Our fans succesfully produce such MODs as "Maestro MOD for MM7", "The Chaos Conspiracy for MM6" And now we glad to promote MM8 MOD production!


   We have decided not to spoil MM8 storyline, it was not so bad at all. Mainline of MM8 won't be "damaged" much exept some features that developers missed for some reasons. We will add and enhance storyline for you to deep-dive into MM8 world. Our plans got some PR actions tfor "Hork of the abyss" project and "Assylum\Limit" project. So you could reveal at new point Regna island and Valley between Valleys...and who knows what else you could discover!


   The class system and skill system will be changed and enhanced too. There was some unused skills in MM8 resouces such as Dodge, Unarmed - so we planning to activate this skills and make them work.


   We got succesed in certain thing such as:

1) animated trees and decorations. Now trees will be affected by light breeze and you will see them swinging softly.

2) unique system of creature sprites, now every higher monster tier could have differ appearance!




   Thats all information now. Wait for update and next portion of news. No dates are announced now.

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