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News MM 8,5 - About creatures
MM 8,5 - About creatures PDF Print
Written by Maestro   
   New creatures were greatly remaded both in appearance and abilities. Now we could have 3 different sprites for each hier monster tier - so we could have different creatures types here - warriors, mages, shooters and individual appearance will help us to represent it!
   While creating these creatures we thought about original MM8, Heroes series and our fantasy. You will find something interesting in new creatures, maybe you will be dissapointed in other changes.
Lizardmen got changed into 3 different jobs - archers, melee warriors, whitch doctors. NPC became charming female lizard(women) in a style of "Oblivion"
Vampires became more galant and gentlemen-look like and now can fly (maybe in Heroes 4 style)
Necromancer now got Queens of the Dead in their army and Liches. (But do not search lich - they are not in a screen)
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