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Might and Magic Complete Addons Might & Magic: Mini Mods
Might & Magic: Mini Mods
Written by Evgeny Voronov   


Antialiased Might & Magic 6 graphics (resolution x2)

Increased (edited source) sprites and textures for MM6 and script.
Required: MMExtension



Random events mod for Might & Magic 6 (ChaosMod)


Who will win: Goblins from Sorpigal or a squad of new heroes?
Usually the heroes prevail. But everything can change if you install ChaosMod on Might and Magic 6 from the author of Vinevi!

Something will happen every 10 seconds. Maybe you will get a thousand gold coins, maybe you will run at the speed of Hermes, or maybe titans will fall on your head ...

Description: The idea of the mod is to run various random events during gameplay, based on a timer, turning the game into a chaotic experience.

1. Install MMExtension.
2. Copy paste the files from the link below into the Scripts directory.

Files: archive (12 Kb)


Original autor's topic



Might & Magic 6 resolution mod (by Angel Death)

Allow set any resolution for mm6 game window.
Use it with GrayFace MM6 Patch v1.2
Then place mm6resmod.dll in folder ExeMods

Settings in mm6.ini




Archive, 18 Kb

P.S. worked in window mode only.



Might & Magic 7 resolution mod (by Angel Death)

Allow set any resolution for mm7 game window.
Required Mok's or GrayFace patch.
Uunpack in gamefolder (files only).

Settings in mm6.ini


Archive, 36 Kb

P.S. worked in window mode only.



Might and Magic 7: Lone Sun’s mod




Weapon, armor and other stuff from Might and Magic 8.


Setup: copy files *.lod from archive (without folder) into MM7 game 'DATA' folder (with change original, make reserve copy, if you need).



Zip-achive with files, 42.5 Mb



Might and Magic 7: Summon Edition




Want to summon goblins army? A flock of Rocs or recruit troop? Easily! And even guys with blasters will cover your back, if you use this "Summon Edition" mod from autors: flyingdragon, yongfish and pureyellow. Only here Earth Magic is being replaced to geniune Summon Magic! You can summon any monsters, and this applies even to the original MM7, and even to the modified. Summoning magic is possible only for druids, do not forget to take them to the new dizzying adventure of Erathia. There is a problem with the display of the Russian language (hieroglyphs), so it will turn out to play only in other publications or language mods
P.S. The archive includes two Summon mods, source here (chinese forum, registration required)


Install / Activation


  1. ATTENTION! Available in any language, but the Russian language in the game is replaced with "hieroglyphs", English remains unchanged.
  2. To start it is necessary to copy all the files in the folder with the game and run "PatchIt.exe" when MM7 is running. To work correctly, you need a new MM7.exe, which is present in the archive. The effect is one-time, which means that after you exit MM7, you will need to run PatchIt.exe again.
  3. If PatchIt.exe cannot find a running MM7, it means that you need to change the language of programs that do not support Unicode in Chinese in the PC settings (for example, "Simplified Mail, Singapore").
  4. In the monster.dat file (opened with any Notepad), you can customize the summoned monsters, where the level number corresponds to the spell of Earth magic. You can summon almost all monsters (except for cats, chickens, etc.), for this you just need to replace one name with another, for example, to summon with the Shock spell instead of the Megadragon skeleton will look like this in the file:
    lvl1 = Skeleton Warrior
    replace with
    lvl1 = zUltra Dragon
    All such names are in the Picture column in the Monsters.txt file (available in the archive).


Files (packed in ZIP-archive, 1.43 Mb)






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