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Heroes 3: HD Mod (Fast Keys)
Written by Evgeny Voronov   



[F10]  – the quick exchange of armies between the heroes in the meeting window; also works in the window of the city, in the presence of the garrison and visiting heroes.

[F11] – quick exchange of artifacts between heroes in the meeting window.



In the game, you can memorize sets of artifacts (costumes) dressed up for the hero and quickly change them (that is, change the hero) by simply pressing the keyboard buttons.

Key [1], [2], ..., [9] + pressed Left [CTRL] – remembers the “suit”. Works only in the window of the hero. The operation is accompanied by a sound alert (click).
[1], [2], ..., [9], [0]  - puts the previously stored costume on the hero. Works in the hero window and in the main adventure manager window. That is, in order to change the character of a hero it is not necessary to open his window, it is enough just to select the character.
In the adventure manager, the operation is accompanied by an audible alert (click).
When the hero disguises this way, the previous set of artifacts (costume) is remembered in the slot [0]. Thus by pressing [0] you can cancel the last disguise.

If by simple pressing [1], [2], ..., [0] before you put on a new costume, all the old artifacts are removed from the hero, then with the key held down the Left [SHIFT] new costume is worn over the old.

When the hero disguises, the artifacts do not appear out of nowhere or disappear. Everything is taken from the hero’s backpack and folded there. If the hero does not have enough artifacts for a previously saved costume, the costume will be partially dressed (from what is).

The costumes are remembered not for each hero individually, but for the player (for all his heroes) as a whole, but it is the active hero who changes clothes.

Probably 2 slots are enough for a comfortable game, but let them be 9 + [0].

Fast creatures stack operations

The game has two modes of army stack control: HD-style and TE-style. Both are very similar to similar TE / WT stack management.
Obviously, TE-Style is almost the same, HD-style is more different.
These two modes are easily switched by pressing [SCROLL LOCK] during the game or by editing the corresponding parameter in HiRez.ini before the game.


[CTRL] + Click - separates from the squad into all empty slots of the hero / garrison on one creature.

[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + Click - separates one unit from a squad into a free slot.

[ALT] + Click - collects in the slot the troops of the same type of slots hero / garrison
[ALT] + [SHIFT] + Click - dissolving squad. Unlike TE / WT, the hero’s last squad cannot be fired.

[CTRL] + [ALT] + [SHIFT] + Click - distributes the squad in proportion to all empty slots of the hero / garrison.

[CTRL] + [ALT] + Click - in the window of the meeting of heroes and in the window of the city moves the army to another hero (if there is an empty slot, then into it, otherwise merges with a detachment of the same type). Unlike TE / WT, you cannot leave a hero without an army. The last stack is passed according to the rules of HD (1 creature remains with the hero). Also, unlike TE / WT, this combination works in the garrison, and in addition, it works by clicking on the portrait of the hero and the rectangle with the flag in the garrison in the windows of the city and the garrison, while the entire army is transmitted.


Differences HD-style:

[SHIFT] + Click - “Smart” phased proportional separation. Ignores edinichki, if necessary, aligns the number and shares the stacks proportionally. With this operation, you can quickly align the stacks of one type, divide the stack in half for 1 click, divide by 3 for 2 clicks.
[ALT] + Click - the same as in TE, but in 2 stages, first one by one, then the remaining stacks.

Functionality [CTRL] + Click and [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + Click swapped.

[CTRL] + [ALT] + Click – the same as in TE-Style, but first the stack tries to merge with the stack of the same type and only then it tries to go to an empty slot.

Total army transfer

The general transfer of the army by [CTRL] + [ALT] + Click on the portrait of the hero, the flag of the garrison and clicking on the corresponding buttons in the window of the meeting of heroes operates on the following principle:
Stacks are transferred in descending order, all other things being equal, preference is given to grades, then stacks with a large number of creatures. If during the general transfer of the hero they can leave all the stacks, then he is left with 1 fastest creature of 1-4 levels (preference to a lower level, then to an unimproved creature).


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