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Might & Magic 8,5 Wallpapers
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
For smooth over endless awaiting "Might & Magic 8,5 - Echo of Destruction" Mod, i prepare wallpapers based on 3D Arts in varied screen resolutions.


16:9 - for screens "HD Ready" and "Full HD". With "source" label - source files without any edit.


About MM8,5

Once upon a time, in ancient times, there was an ancient civilization, whose connection with the Ancients was very strong. A mighty and wise king ruled this civilization. He considered the Ancients as gods, bowing to their genius and dreaming to join their ranks in the face of an immortal deity. This idea captured the mind of the king so much, that it drove him crazy. He did not give any rest to his workers, forcing them day and night to construct mysterious structures of stone and metal. After that, he brought three of his own sons to sacrifice to false gods in exchange for empty promises to become closer to the Ancients. Four high priests opposed to the will of the king and forever sealed him inside the tomb, where he was to languish until the end of time. They set up on the king's head gold mask, forever hiding the face of the last ruler and erased his name from the annals of time.
Now ... well, no one knows who he was and who he is, and where is his tomb with its ancient treasures. From now on, it's just a legend that wind carries the sands of the Dead City, a simple tale of the Nameless King ...
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