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Some files compressed in archives 7zip. For download it needs to select loading from right mouse button menu over the link, or use special software (like Download Master). Sometimes for extract files in archives you may needs to install (once) free archivator 7zip (installer x86 / x64).
Heroes of Might and Magic Complete Addons Heroes 3. Era and WoG, and others
Heroes 3: Era and WoG, and others PDF Print
Written by Evgeny Voronov   




Era II + WoG 3.58f (converted to mod)


Final version 2.6.5 (89,3 Mb - installer, self-extractable EXE) eng


version 2.46 (84,5 Mb - installer, self-extractable RAR archive) eng
+ Russification 2.46 (21,2 Мб - installer, self-extractable RAR archive)

Version 2.3 (82,6 Мб - installer, self-extractable RAR archive) eng
+ Russification 2.3 (21,5 Мб - installer, self-extractable RAR archive)

Requirements: SoD/Complete, !НЕ! WoG

Jim Vogan - upgrade guide for ERM, translate guide for Era on english
solitaire345 - upgrade guide for ERM
Valery (Salamandre) - Testing

Thanks for Russification: Black Phantom, Sir Four, Qwertyus.
Comment for Russification: Turn on update from Qwertyus to fix buttons many elements and objects.

More information (single info html page)





Phoenix Mod (Gameplay, RUS only)


Final Version: 3.63 (18,6 Mb - ZIP archive) from 22.06.2012
Changelog: TXT document, 64 Kb (RUS only)


Setup: Unpack to game folder (without outer folder with mod name).
Do not off mods ''Yona'' and ''Secondary Skills Scrolling'' from ERA pack.
Partially support HiRez Mod (HD mod).

Installing Steps:
1. Original game Heroes 3: SoD or Complete Edition (not WoG !!!).
2. ERA and russification (!!!)
3. Phoenix Mod 3.63

Gamers Description:
- WoG 3.58f included on ERA-pack.
- For stable game we recommends use only "own" options in menu "WoG Option". Seems to be safe activate options such as "Armour-bearer" and / or "Commanders".









Legend of the Red Dragon "LORD Mod"
(Gameplay, Graphics, ENG only)


Final version: 0.71 installer (240 Mb, english version), included ERA and WoG, for setup over "Shadow of Death" or "Complete Edition"

Compatible (tested) with operating systems: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 x86 and x64

Mod partially compatible with HiRez mod (HD mod), more info read in document bottom.

Description: PDF-document (1,29 Mb)






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