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Heroes of Might and Magic Complete Addons Heroes 3: PhoenixMod (3.63)
Heroes 3: PhoenixMod (3.63)
Written by Evgeny Voronov   




Phoenix Mod (Gameplay, RUS only)


Final Version: 3.63 (18,6 Mb - ZIP archive) from 22.06.2012
Changelog: TXT document, 64 Kb (RUS only)


Setup: Unpack to game folder (without outer folder with mod name).
Do not off mods ''Yona'' and ''Secondary Skills Scrolling'' from ERA pack.
Partially support HiRez Mod (HD mod).

Installing Steps:
1. Original game Heroes 3: SoD or Complete Edition (not WoG !!!).
2. ERA and russification (!!!)
3. Phoenix Mod 3.63

Gamers Description:
- WoG 3.58f included on ERA-pack.
- For stable game we recommends use only "own" options in menu "WoG Option". Seems to be safe activate options such as "Armour-bearer" and / or "Commanders".






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