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Might and Magic Complete Addons Might & Magic 6: XMAS16 Mod
Might & Magic 6: XMAS16 mod
Written by Evgeny Voronov   


With permission of the author mg979 we publish here his mod (original post on for Might & Magic VI.
Perfect stuff graphics and NPCs, new ranged weapons, new sounds, higher difficulty, which will affect not only the health of enemies, new cursor, changed skills system - all this is waiting for you in XMAS16 mod v1.5, where the cherry on the cake will be an armor rebalance. At the same time, the imbalance doesn't consist in a stupid increase in the armor class on all objects, This is a new and interesting system of leather, chain mail and armor equipment. And it is not the name that distinguishes it! For more information, see for yourself, the archive has a complete list of all the changes, and those who prefer the armor prefer its performance, can check the imbalance in the Excel document with the active content.
So, in general - the mod is beautiful, and it is beautiful that all its innovations will not spoil the charm of MM6, and a comfy installation, a small size of the archive, in which large content is included, the variability of innovations will allow you to re-enjoy your favorite game!



You need MMArchive, GrayFace Patch 2.0, and MMExtension if you plan to use the altered skills and tables.
You need MMArchive only for the sound files.
Read the readme in each folder of the mod you want to install. It's much easier than in previous version.



XMAS16mod v1.5 english (1,39 Mb - "zip" archive)

XMAS16mod v1.5 russian (1.41 Mb - "zip" archive, thanks to Mihail Titov for translation)







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