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Might and Magic Complete Addons Might & Magic 8: Alchemy Mod (2.5)
Might & Magic 8: Alchemy Mod (2.5)
Written by Evgeny Voronov   


Might & Magic VIII: Alchemy Mod (2.5)




Alchemy Mod 2.5 by koval321 - an interesting mod for those who don't want to drastically change the world of their favorite game, but at the same time craves to see something new. Nowadays, the Mod has significantly more innovations, in addition to alchemy stated in the title. There is a new armor, shields, chain mail, helmets, belts, staffs - great things for redrawing characters. Yes, in this Mod, knights flaunt brutal tattoos, trolls - red-haired giants, dark elfs resemble a drow, and all the girls begin their journey naked. In addition to this - wonderful loading screen, and as a result you get an entertaining Mod that adds its share of charm Might and Magic 8.

Age rating: 18+ Money mouth
Author: koval321




  1. Flasks: small 50% size, white have symbols
  2. all catalysts stronger
  3. loading screen
  4. all females start naked
  5. dark elf fem resemble drow (dark skin instead red)
  6. trolls are red-haired giants
  7. male knights have tattoos
  8. new armors, staff, helms, belts, shields and cloak


Files - english version (ZIP-archive pack, 4.06 Mb) - russian version (ZIP-archive pack, thanks for translation to Michael Titov, 4.06 Mb)





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