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Might and Magic Complete Addons Might & Magic 7: Reimagined MOD
Might & Magic 7: Reimagined MOD
Written by Evgeny Voronov   


Might & Magic VII: Reimagined by AzimovHaas8




"Might & Magic 7: Reimagined" - a large-scale mod by AzimovHaas8 that significantly changes many aspects of the original game

New objects on the map, manticores in Nigon, an expanded system of accessibility of skills, changes in the work of skills, improved AI of opponents, mini-bosses in locations, new effects for spells of each school of magic - the list goes on and on! The mod is supplied with detailed documentation, which describes all the changes.
The balanced innovations will be interesting for experienced players who will not be surprised by the classic version. We can especially highlight the pathfinding system for monsters (which was previously only implemented in the MM6-7-8 Merged mod) and unique spell effects (long-term damage from poison spells, increased area of damage for some Fire spells, etc.)




1. Install the original Might and Magic 7.

2. Install the latest version of the GrayFace patch (you need to uncheck the boxes next to the installation of additional LOD archives).

3. Install MMExtension.

4. Start Might and Magic 7 and close.

5. Launch Might and Magic 7 again and close.

6. Install the mod with file replacement (copy the DATA and Scripts folders and place them in the root folder with Might and Magic 7).

7. Launch Might and Magic 7 - you can play!


Might & Magic VII: Reimagined (71,5 Мб - "zip" archive)

FAQ README (english)






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