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Might and Magic Complete Addons Might & Magic 7: Elemental Mod (2.1)
Might & Magic 7: Elemental Mod (2.1)


Might & Magic VII: Elemental Mod


Might and Magic 7: Elemental Mod


 "Elemental Mod 2.1" by Tomsod for Might and Magic 7 contains many changes that, although not so noticeable at first glance, add a lot of new to the game mechanics. In the mod, the types of damage and resistance have been reworked, as for Might and Magic 6. The alchemy system has also been significantly improved: new potions have appeared, including those that give short-term immunity to one of the six elements, recipes have become clearer, some potions can now be used for attack, and you can cook each of them in one click! There are also innovations in the system of modifiers for items: 9 new enchantments, including targeting damage to the enemy, immunity to removal of enchantments and super strength. Changes in the field of magic also deserve attention: now the level of the Magister is much more useful (for example, the "Eye of the Sorcerer" lasts constantly and is not removed by moving to another region or rest, and "Healing weakness" affects the entire squad), all spells in general have become more balanced , and also one new spell appeared. New unique items and improved artifacts and relics, blasters and wands equipped in the bow slot, a redesigned reputation system, and much more.




1. Install original Might and Magic 7.

2. Install latest GrayFace Patch.

3. Extract the contents of the archive with the mod to the folder with the installed game.

4. Start a new game (recommended).


Might & Magic VII: Elemental Mod v2.1 for english version (7,18 Mb - "zip" archive)







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