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Might and Magic Complete Addons Might & Magic 7: Augmentation (0.2a)
Might and Magic 7: Augmentation (0.2a)


Might and Magic 7: Augmentation v0.2a




"Augmentation 0.2a" by Maestro for Might and Magic 7. The second version of this MOD, adding a lot of new things. This modification is a large-scale author's rethinking and reworking of Might and Magic 7, a fan HD re-release, if you like, and the basis for future innovations. Almost all the graphics have been reworked - the ground textures have become full-color and huge, of high quality. All enemies in the game have been carefully redrawn and changed. Many creatures have learned new tricks and attacks. The class system has been reworked to make the game more diverse. The decor has been reworked - the plants are now animated! Of course, this is not Might and Magic 8.5, but it does (or will) use developments from that unreleased mod. We kindly ask you to write errors in the appropriate sections in VK or celestialheavens.


A small list of changes:

- Added 1 new skill - Fabric. Supposed to be an alternative armor for sorcerers and monks. IMPORTANT: Do not raise this skill! It is unfinished and broken. There are no teachers for this skill in the game! Therefore, developing this skill is a waste of upgrade points!

- Support for 4GB of RAM has been introduced to work with new demanding game resources. In view of this, the Modification is NOT fully compatible with any other games and assemblies of the Merge Mod type.

- Support for full-color (24-bit) ground textures.

- Introduction of textures of higher quality and size (x4).

- Trees and most of the vegetation have been redrawn. Now decorations can be animated.

- Added support for lighting on external maps.

- Added light sources for external maps (torches, lanterns).

- Redrawing of all original creatures in higher quality.

- Changes the appearance of all creatures. Now each new gradation is visually different, and not just in color.

- The parameters of creatures, skills, and rewards have been changed.

- Killing enemies no longer earns gold. You need to look for other sources of income. (The plan is to further emphasize a developed economy with trade and investment).

- Added Horses J.

- The game characters have been slightly changed for more flexible gameplay. (for example: knights on the path of light masterfully wield a spear, and on the path of darkness - a sword. Druids on the path of light master Ego magic perfectly, but on the path of darkness - Elemental magic. And the like).

- About 60+ new playable characters have been added to the line of available races to choose from. More racial diversity and representation, if you will.

- Added subraces: Red Dwarves (brother race of Dwarves from Jadam). Dark elves (red elven brothers from the same Jadam). Subraces have similar parameters and bonuses.

- New items and their variety have been added. Some things come together visually well in sets.

- Added more accessory options: boots, helmets.

- Added support for some new enemy spells: sunbeam, swarm, flying fist. (We plan to expand the list in the future)

- City maps have been changed. New buildings have been added and enemy spawn points have been changed. Some places have become more difficult.

- Changed map update time. Now the renewal period is only 1 year (it was 2).

- Added new music themes for maps. Each location has its own original and new musical theme (about 50+ tracks in total. Most of them are from the "Heroes" and "Might and Magic" game series, which fits perfectly with the modification).




1. Just download all the archives and unzip them into a new folder.

2. No other additional shamanic manipulations or files are needed!

3. If you want the English version, download the additional archive and unpack it, overwriting the existing game files.

4. Start a new game (recommended).


Might & Magic VII: Augmentation v0.2a - self-extract to start unpacking archives (you need to download this file and other 3 parts)

Might & Magic VII: Augmentation v0.2a - Part 1 (1500 Mb)

Might & Magic VII: Augmentation v0.2a - Part 2 (1500 Mb)

Might & Magic VII: Augmentation v0.2a - Part 3 (1170 Mb)

Might & Magic VII: Augmentation (ENG addition) (340 Mb) - it is necessary that all sounds and texts be in English.






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