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Other projects Might & Magic 6,7,8 Remake
Remake of MM6,7,8 PDF Print
Written by Evgeny Voronov   
last modified date - 05.02.2011
12.11.2009 new projects started based on original Might and Magic universe with workname "Might and Magic 6/8 remake".
    The main idea of the project was merging of all games of the series MM6-MM8 into one single big game. As you might remember - all that 3 games take a part into single palnet but different continents - Enroth, Anthagarich, Jadame. So author decided that it will be better and much more interesting to take a role of a hero into all that games  at the same time -the only thing is a money and a desire to ttravel between the continents. Also - merging is a good move to extract all the best thing from a single game and develop existing goods.

    In awhile author thought that they got brave new powerfull tool - new engine allow usage of a such things as shading, dynamic lightning, brave new scripting constuctor, supporting of detailed 3D models and bigger textures - so many new thing could be released now! All that tools allow users to create their own modifications.

   At modern stage of the project lies in development and completing of the engine. Engine is done at 55%. All mechanics and phisics of the original MM games are well known and not a mystery anemore. Content and quality are in development. Interesting part of the development is rebuilding of the world. Now we've got all tools and skills to redraw entire world of old MM game into new one with better view. So future cities will look more likely like a city neither than a couple of flat shacks stacked together.

Project needs:
    C+/C++ programmers
    C+/C++ programmers via Linux
    2D artists for texture drawning, decorations
    3D artists for texturing, modelling, animation
(if you got such skills and wish to help the project - write us  "maestro_mod (a)" with a title "mmremake" as the topic of your mail. All other mails with differ title will be marked as a SPAM and will be deleted automatically - so pay attension to it!)
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