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Workshop ModMaking M&M 6-8
Mod Making M&M (6-8) PDF Print
Written by Evgeny Voronov   


Software for working with materials
Might and Magic 6-8 games



MMExtension by Sergey Rozhenko (aka GrayFace)

MMExtension is a rich modding environment for MM6-8. It features a level editor, uses Lua scripting language, lets you use all commands of internal M&M scripts language (evt commands) and lets you do a lot of other things. In future it can be extended with commands modders need.


  1. MMExtension, version 2.1 (676 Kb, zip-archive)
  2. MMExtension, sources (4.01 Mb, zip-archive)


MMEditor by Sergey Rozhenko (aka GrayFace)

Fully-featured level editor for M&M 6-8.


  1. MMEditor, version 2.1 (717 Kb, zip-archive)
  2. MMEditor, Delphi 2006 sources (2.22 Mb, zip-archive)
  3. Solo Game script for MM7/MM8 (1 Kb, zip-archive)
    A very basic solo game support script for MM6/MM7. Unpack this script into game folder, run the game, press Ctrl+F1, write "vars.PartySize = 1" and press Ctrl+Enter. This will make you play solo. To play with 2 or 3 persons write "vars.PartySize = 2" or "vars.PartySize = 3" correspondingly.
  4. M&M6 decompiled scripts (154 Кб, zip-archive)
  5. M&M7 decompiled scripts (205 Кб, zip-archive)
  6. M&M8 decompiled scripts (194 Кб, zip-archive)
    Use decompiled scripts as an example of Evt commands usage.


Discussion (a topic for MMExtension / MMEditor discussion and work examples, ENG only)
Help for MMExtension is under abandoned construction. Examples do get updated still. Make sure you look at example quests.


MM8 Level Editor
  1. Executable files (2.91 Mb, zip-archive)
  2. Sources (5 Mb, zip-archive)



MM7 Editor
  1. Executable files (578 Kb, zip-archive)



MM Map Viewer by Angel Death
(v2.0 from 23.01.2009)

With MM Map Viewer you can view M&M maps and properties of their elements.

  1. Executable files (229 Kb, zip-archive)
  2. Ogre3d Engine, also required for this programm (4.1 Mb, zip-archive)
  3. DirectX End-User Runtimes (August 2008), required for this programm (80.3 Mb, zip-archive)
  4. Sources (260 Kb, zip-archive)
  5. Old version, 1.02a (454 Kb, zip-archive)


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